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If you have a crack in your foundation walls or floors, there is no better time to repair it than right now even during the winter months before the spring run off.

Over time, structural damage will continue to worsen, developing into an increasingly more expensive and complicated issues. Addressing the problem early on can save you money, time, and considerable inconvenience later on.

Repairing a property with a damaged foundation or concrete pad can be done much faster than many people might think. Some repairs can be done in a day's time; others may extend beyond that timeframe. Don’t delay call us today for a free no obligation estimate you will be happy you did.



We are specialized in concrete foundation repair and floor crack repair. Give us a call today and let the experts take care of it!




Extend the life of old concrete by fixing broken, crumbling areas before the problem gets worse. Give us a call today and let the experts take care of it!




Whether it's an old floor that is due for replacement from decades of wear, or a heaved, cracked and/or sunken floor, we have the solution for you.




Parging is commonly used at the bottom of a brick wall to protect the most vulnerable part of a building from water and snow. Give us a call today and let the experts take care of it!




Our unique repair system offers inside repairs during the winters months and both inside and outside repairs during the spring and summer months. If we repair during the winter month then you only pay for the repair on the inside then once we come back in the spring or the summer months to repair the outside you then pay for that repair this enables you to budget better for the total repair. With our system in most cases just repairing the inside is adequate depending upon the size and location of the crack which is cheaper than also doing the outside of the foundation. However, there are certain situations where the outside will need to be repaired as well. If you have a crack during the winter months as noted above we will repair the inside to prevent any possible water penetrations during spring run off and then come back in the spring or summer months to repair the outside if needed.

When injected into cracks or holes our product penetrates through the outer limits of the wall and into the subgrade soil, sealing not only the crack but forming an outer barrier it bonds to both sides of the crack in wet or dry conditions, expanding to create a compression seal. Our product is formulated to activate upon injection making a form-fitting gasket inside the crack. Yes, these repairs can be done from the inside using our product. However in certain situations the outer side may need repairing as well. We have many years of proven success and many customers to back it up.

Foundation Repair Curing quickly, the seal material will flex and stretch ensuring a bond that will hold tight during the foundations natural movements also our product is environmentally friendly.

  • - Our product is manufactured field tested and proven which is specifically designed for repair, restoration and waterproofing of concrete foundations and more!
  • - All products bond to the substrate to which they are applied.
  • - Our product is not intended as short term or a temporary patch, but long term warranted solutions.
  • - Our friendly technicians have many years of experience and go above and beyond ensuring you our valued customer of our expertise with concrete foundation repair and other concrete crack repairs for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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Servicing residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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We contacted Concrete Solutions for our basement crack issues their service was very professional and they repaired the issues in a very reasonable amount of time and within our budget. We highly recommend this company.

F. Hall

Thank you for your service. We were so concerned about water starting to enter our basement. Your service was friendly and very reassuring. This helped us feel more relaxed knowing everything was going to be okay again thank you.

G. Thorne

We were convinced that we needed to have our shop concrete floor replaced. Not only was it cheaper to have it repaired but a huge relief knowing we would not have the hassle of having to disrupt our work during the repair process. We appreciate what you did for us. Thanks.

I. Herbert


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